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Thumbnail Title of Work Date of Work Art Concept
Vincent Van Gogh
Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh (1889) "Starry Night" 1889 Line
Room at Arles by Vincent Van Gogh (1889) "Room at Arles" 1889
Line Shape
Perspective Color
Georgia O'Keefe
White Trumpet Flower by Georgia O'Keefe (1932) "White Trumpet Flower" 1932 Contour Line
Piet Mondrian
Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow by Piet Mondrian (1930) "Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow" 1930 Line
Rembrandt Harmerszoon van Rijn
Philosopher Meditating (1631) "Philosopher Meditating" 1631 Space

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