Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint that consists of pigment suspended in an acrylic polymer emulsion. Paint may be thinned with water or acrylic mediums, but they are water-resistant when dry. Colors dry darker than they appear from the tube. Acrylic painting techniques range from watercolor-like washes to heavily applied oil-like impastos (heavy texture). Finished paintings take days to dry and may then be finished with varnish for protection. Acrylic paintings on canvas are usually framed without glass, as the finished product is very durable. Paintings on paper are usually framed in glass to protect the paper.

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Oil paint is a slow-drying paint that consists of pigment particles suspended in drying oil. Colors may be mixed on the palette or on the canvas, and color does not change as the painting dries. Paint may be thinned with an oil medium or with water, in the case of water-soluble oil paints. Finished paintings take at least six months to completely dry and may then be finished with a varnish for protection against fading and discoloration. Oil paintings are usually framed without glass, as the finished product is very durable.

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Pastels are a painting medium in the form of a stick, consisting of powdered pigment held together by a binder. These paintings were created with pastel sticks using the same pigment as oil paints. The Pastel painting medium allows colors to be mixed on the paper, rather than on a palette, by overlaying or blending. This gives a fresh energy to the subject matter. Pastel artwork requires a fixative to prevent smudging and is best framed under glass.

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Graphite pencils come in a range of leads, from very soft to very hard. Drawing techniques of varying the leads used, the pressure applied, and the type of marks made create tonal drawings with varied shading and textures. Colored pencils have thick, soft leads made from bright pigments in many colors. The colors are easily blended and are fade resistant. Both graphite and colored pencil drawings are best preserved with a fixative and framed under glass for protection.

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